Letizia Porcaro 

born in Palermo in 1968. After took her graduation in artistic lyceum of Palermo, took her academic degree in painting at Palermo’s school of fine arts.

From 1986 she begun series of solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad organized by art reviewer like : Francesco Carbone, Aldo Gerbino, Claudio Alessandri, Vinny Scorsone, Franco Spena, Hermann Steiner, Diego Gulizia.

In 1994 won the first young prize in the ” Fimis XI contemporary arts exhibition” Isola delle Femmine (Palermo).

In 2009 an her painting was donate to the picture gallery “La Verde-La Malfa foundation, arts park” in Catania.

In 2012 an her painting was donate to the diocese of Caltanissetta and another one to the astronomic observatory of Montedoro (CL).

From 1998 to 2000 Letizia Porcaro attended the Michele Perriera’s theatrical school “Teatés”.

And from 2000 her artistic journey estended to theatrical and movie world, working like actress, set designer assistant, director assistant with Michele Perriera, Giuseppe Cutino, Rinaldo Clementi, M.Teresa De Sanctis, Sayoko Onishi, Veronica Pecoraino, Patrizia D’Antona.

Her movie experience like actress in the soap opera “Agrodolce” produced by Rai-fiction and in the movie “Il Fatto” by Angela La Barbera.

Cooperate like actress in bands concerts of “Quartodeimille” , ”Radiozapata”, ”Trio Clara Wieck”.

She wrote and directed theatrical works : ”il dolce di mele”, “il Mandarino Meraviglioso” based upon Bela Bartok opera, “Radicchio e Cipolla”, ”Santa”, ”Testimoni del Tempo”, ”Acqua Naturale”, ”Spazio Incantato”, “Lo Spartito Mancante”, ”Perché Alcesti”.

In 2013 foundate the association “L’Accademia dei Confusi-Onlus”.

In 2014 Won first prize in “Fondazione per il sud” movie contest with short movie “Lisca Bianca” in cooperation with Enrico Montalbano and Vincenzo Lo Piccolo.

Took part to “Canon” contest with “My Santuzza” in cooperation with Enrico Montalbano and Vincenzo Lo Piccolo.

From 2015 she’s active as co-author with Enrico Montalbano in documentary movie “Lisca Bianca-la virata di Sonia”co-produced by the supporters from below on the KissKissBankBank platform.

2018 ends the film with the definitive title "La virata di Sonia" by Enrico Montalbano and Letizia Porcaro. 

2019 she worked as an actress, in the role of Serafina Buscetta in the film "Il Traditore" by Marco Bellocchio. Presented at the Cannes Film Festival